The best destination is the journey itself – And we deliver you the complete Information Technology services at One Stop.

Blind Shoot

We offer  A to Z products and services to people and business. Don’t take our word for it. Browse through hundreds of reviews of clients, our products and services from other customers who have been there and done that.

Get involved in our discussion forums.

And if that’s not enough, there’s always a huge mountain of research material from our experts.


Welcome to Foonix, Inc.

A group of dedicated wizards working hard around the table and round the clock to add more flavors to your work.


Why shoot the target blind? When we are here! And, that’s why Foonix was started.

There wasn’t a tailor-made technology to make your world the way you wanted. Change is good when the force is from inside you and not from an external environment. We decided to create a space with convenience being the bottom line and give it your way.
Foonix was designed with some really smart technology to make things appear in your way bring all your needs at one stop whether it is idea generation or customer satisfaction.
So, as a first step, let’s just say, “Welcome to the Foonix family“.

Always Delivering more than expected.

Marketing and design services

And More…

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

We’re taking your business out of the primitive era. Let us update your business with the right & sufficient technology to keep you live in the market, where technology updation has been mandatory for a business survival.

You can access Foonix from your computer or smartphone. There’s some super-smart technology at work here. So you can be in the know on the go.

At Foonix, we just don’t take off the primitive way of service rather offer both modern as well as hybrid (modern vintage) service.


Bubyee, Dino!


Oh Wait!


Welcome back, Dino (version 2.0)!